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Welcome to the website of Ghana Electrometer (GEM). Ghana Electrometer is a local Ghanaian Company that provides quality credit and pre-paid meters to contribute to Ghana’s development through revenue generation, collection and protection.

GEM has been operating in the country since 2004. As a fully integrated metering solutions provider, Ghana Electrometer supports the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) with locally and internationally-certified electricity meters. With its state-of-the art infrastructure and competent engineers and technicians, GEM is well positioned to meet the metering needs of Ghana as well as other West African countries.

As a company with a vision to become the leader in metering solutions in West Africa, GEM encourages other West African countries to consider the rich benefits Ghana is reaping from our metering services and tap into this valuable resource. GEM deals in a wide range of electricity meters, including electromechanical and electronic (post and pre-paid) meters, as well as pre-payment metering solutions. Our service portfolio ranges from pre-meter installation, to installation and after-sale services.

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Address:   #62 Miamona Close
Ring Road
South Industrial Area
P.O. Box OS784

Phone:   +233-302-661615

Fax:   +233-302-689977

Email:   info@electrometer.com.gh

Website:   www.electrometer.com.gh

Our Services
We offer a range of world-class services including customer need analysis, pre installation, installation and after sales services. Read more
Credit & Pre-Paid Electric Meters
Our electromechanical and electronic (post and prepaid) meters are of high quality and have the following standard specifications. Read more