Frequently Asked Questions

This is automatically displayed on the meter.

  • Your balance is automatically and constantly displayed on the meter for you to determine if your power is finishing.

  • Also, as your power reaches a minimal level, your power will automatically go off to indicate you need to buy power. To restore power with your reserve before buying more, insert your card inside the meter and pull out after “CARD OUT” appears.

 Power on pre-paid meters does not run faster than that of credit meters. With pre-paid meters, you can rather save power since you have the flexibility to control your power consumption by switching off electrical appliances that are not in use.

  • With pre-paid meters, there will be no power disconnection over non-payment of electricity bills. It offers an absolute peace of mind.

  • Pre-paid meters also give one total control over his or her power consumption by simply turning off electrical gadgets that are not in use to save money.

 Report at any ECG office for a replacement.

 Report any fault with your meter to any ECG office and ECG will bring them to GEM for repairs.

 No. This is because the meter number is linked to a geo-code which is linked to one’s building. All you have to do is contact the ECG office in your new location for another meter.

 No. You can only load your card in the designated ECG vending offices around your area.

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