METER features

GEM supplies high quality meters that meet both local and international standards. Our certified meters have the following features:

Our meters measure electricity consumption active power such as kWh, reactive power – kVarh and maximum demand -kW with high accuracy class 2 or 1.

We also provide meters that measure electricity consumption active power -kVarh and maximum demand-kW with accuracy class 1, 0.5 or 0.2 with high stability.

Our pre-paid metering systems allow consumers to buy credit directly unto their card from the vending centres without the need to visit the electricity utility centre to settle their bills.

GEM’s meters accurately detect tampering such as meter bypassing, load connection and illegal opening of meter or terminal covers as well as any adjustments to meter rated power.

Our meters are capable of calculating energy in multiple tariff environments (up to 8 tariffs in 4 different seasons), and can perform maximum demand calculation with or without automatic reset and memory.

The metering system enables a two-way communication environment for sending and receiving data to and from the meters. Examples of data that can be communicated are meter consumption, load profile, maximum demand, tamper events and power quality.

Our meter system receives energy credit in advance and consumes it according to the different tariff schemes. This assures revenue collection for the service provider.

Time of Usage (T.O.U. TARIFF) using up to 8 tariffs in 4 different seasons which are programmable.

Step Tariff using up to 8 steps per month which are programmable and Flat Tariff.

Our metering system is capable of measuring network losses per building, transformer, district, zone or city to detect bad connections as well as illegal ones.

Examples include:

  1. - Upgrading the meter from offline two-way communications to online communication through PLC, RF, and GPRS.
  2. - Upgrading the meter from manual reading to Automatic Meter Management System.
  3. - Adding new functionalities to the meter software by reprogramming the meter micro-controller (processor).

Our metering system is also capable of disconnecting power from consumers in case they exceed their maximum allowable load according to their contract. This is to avoid network overload in case of power shortage and this feature is programmable either through optical port or through two-way communication.

Our systems also read energy consumption through a two-way communication system to prepare consumers bills without the need to visit them to read their meters.

Also, GEM uses metering systems that allow consumer data to be collected in an online communication environment.

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